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Do you suffer from constant headaches?

As Chiropractors in Kingston, something we are often asked about is headaches. We know that headaches are one of the most common and debilitating ailments.

About 20% of the population suffers from migraine at some stage in their lives and according to Headaches Australia 36% of men and 42% of women suffer with tension-type headaches, with a staggering total cost of $35.7 billion per year.

A Melbourne study, involving interviewing 1717 individuals discovered that 87% of subjects had experienced headache in the last year. [1]

If you are someone that suffers from regular headaches there's an alternative solution out there for you. With our chiropractic and physiotherapy services, you'll uncover a natural remedy and perhaps even a permanent solution for your ongoing pain. 

[1] Prevalence of headache and migraine in an Australian city- J. Heywood, T. Colgan, and C. Coffey- Journal of Clinical Neuroscience (1998) 5(4), 485.

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