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Looking For A Chiropractor In Kingston Tasmania?

Meet the friendly team in our Kingston clinic.

Our founder/director Dr Mo Waters has enjoyed over 18 years experience in private practice, and is a member of the International Headache Society & the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

He is passionate about helping those suffering & in need within our community, and getting great results for every patient.

He & his wife have two gorgeous girls: 9-month-old Adeline, and 3-year-old Charlotte, and his favourite thing on the weekend is spending quality time with family. Dr Mo is also a passionate mountain biker, rockclimber & snowboarder, and is an avid reader.

Our Health Coach (telehealth) Allison is a talented health practitioner. She loves cooking & creating recipes, and anything related to music.

In her free time you can find her going for walks in nature - especially mountains & waterfalls.

Our Massage Therapist Kathryn has the magic touch, and her clients can feel her caring, warm and friendly nature really come through in every massage.

Kathryn loves spending time with family, and going for bushwalks. She has a very cute cat called Dexter!

Our Yoga Instructor Pia is a passionate yogi, artist and art Therapist

Pia says that she loves:

“Swimming in any natural waters, the beach, rivers, waterfalls, this gives me a big feeling of inter-connectedness and life force energy.

...Making my own smoothie bowls, I love blending berries, spirulina, coconut yogurt and then creating a really aesthetically beautiful meal out of this, with cocao nibs and activated nuts on top, so yum and makes my body feel really nourished and healthy.

I love drawing/painting, creating, singing, poem writing these can all blend and overlap with each other, I always find a part of me that my awareness in a way forgot. I really see the value and appreciate creativity, it's essential to life“

Our Medical Receptionist (and Personal Assistant to Dr Mo) Clare is also a talented musician and singer, and can be seen playing gigs all around Tasmania.

When she not busy working or studying at Uni, Clare loves yoga and swimming at the beach.

Our HR Manager Cathy is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and loves gardening, travel and exploring local sights with her family.

She loves doing craft activities with her girls, and going for walks with her husband.

Come say hi and get to know us in our Kingston clinic!

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